L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver WalkaboutWiFi.com
WalkaboutWiFi.com: L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver
Posted in: Specs | by Brian Taylor | 2016 Sept 15
1. Driver chips: L298N dual H-bridge DC motor driver chip
2. Dual-channel H-bridge driver working mode creates higher working efficiency
3. L298N as main driver chip makes strong driving ability/low heating/strong anti-interference
4. Using large-capacity filter capacitors and diode with freewheeling protection function, increasing reliability
5. The logical part of the terminal supply area Vss: +5 V to +7 V (can board to take power +5 V).

Part Code: L298N
Price: $1.90/ea @ eBay.com

  • Logic voltage: 5V
  • Logic current: 0mA-36mA
  • Drive voltage: 5V-35V
  • Drive current: 2A (MAX single bridge)
  • Maximum power: 25W
  • products Weight: 30g

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