gold price the htc Jetstream LTE
Posted in: Reviews | by Brian Taylor | 2014 june 14
htc Jetstream
htc Jetstream - Part 2
I just got back from the AT&T store on Concord Pike, Delaware and here is what I learned about the HTC Jetstream. Hope this helps!
IR Port:no
WiFi:802.11 b/g/n 2.4+5GHz
BatteryTime:upto 12hrs
USB C:no
USB otg:Yes
USB hdmi:Yes
Camera(F):5.0 MP
Camera(B):8.0 MP Zoom Macro
Screen Size:10 inches
Release Date:2011 Sept
OS:Android 3.1.0

The htc Jetstream LTE is a larger less expensive brother to the iPad, which runs the Android operating system. It has 32GB RAM built-in, but can have another 32GB RAM card inserted into a user expansion slot. It also has a larger screen, and runs flash.

I tried Google Maps on this unit and liked the experience. It was fast and responsive. I could even tilt the view angle some, but could not figure out how to get it back. I could not find street view like the web version of Google maps.

Skype worked great(in the store). I was even able to receive incoming calls when Skype was in background or even when the tablet was in sleep mode. Skype jumped right out to announce I had an incoming call. This was the next best thing to having a regular cell phone. I had a hard time hearing what was said. I am not sure if the sound was turned down or it was the best it could do with rear facing speaker ports. It did work with a Bluetooth headset. ---- I was NOT able to successfully install Skype at home. I Re-installed 4 times and it never worked after the first run. One of my last install warnings said: 'This app is not certified to run on this tablet.'

Skype fix: Well, the developers at Skype must have heard me. After about 30 or 40 installs, they finally got it working. It works great now with minor exceptions. It only stores about 2 weeks of chat history as compared to over 4 years chat history on desktop computers. Skype continued...

HDMI: At first glance, you would think the Jetstream doesn't have an HDMI capability, but you would be wrong. There are some hidden connections in the proprietary USB port. You need a special USB to HDMI adapter to access these contacts to feed them to a standard HDMI cable.

Video Recording: I have been making a number of video recordings and find it difficult to get consistently good sound quality. Sounds loud enough to fill a room sound muffled or so low that it is unintelligible. I am looking into a better way to input audio.

It has front and back facing cameras with more megapixcels... The video image has the same problems other digital cameras have when taking indoor pictures. I get a dingy yellow/brown image. Outdoor shots look normal.

With all of the features this tablet had, I could see the next technology inspired pastime. (With Skype, web browsing, Google maps, etc...) I can imagine something that includes: Geocaching, hide and seek, treasure/scavenger hunt clubs, or some kind of land/grid based version of Battleship.

Now here is the BIG selling point that made the sale for me.... It comes from the company with 'WiFi tethering' capability 'Turned OFF', but I found out that was only a software setting. For just $15 more a month, you can have 5GB of Guilt-Free tethering. It is worth it...

htc-jetstream-att iPad2 vs htc Jetstream

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