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Posted in: Reviews | by Review Team | 2012 May 12
We are LOOKING for NEW products to review. If you have something that you would like an independent assessment of what your product is capable of doing, we would like to give it a test drive... We won't wimp out on critique. If it doesn't measure up, we will say so and suggest how to make it better.

We are also looking for applications for these devices in the areas of: software development, MIDI music editors and controllers, robotic control, video editing, file sharing, eCommerce, and gaming.

Send us your device and we will run it through the ringers. We are looking for the following item categories: Tablets, cell phones, laptops, 4G/wifi hotspots, Bluetooth accessories, wireless cameras and other portables.

Send your product for review to:

WalkaboutWiFi Product Reviews
3 Lovelace Ave
Newcastle, DE 19720-1111

Along with your item, please include:
full documentation(in English),
phone number and email address to Tech Support,

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