WalkaboutWiFi.com HowTo's: HTC Root Warning
WalkaboutWiFi.com HowTo's: HTC Root Warning
Root Warning!!!!!!

I was told by a programmer that rooting a tablet computer is like opening the security gate between your Operating system and the outside world. Which can make your operating system vulnerable to viruses.

As of the last time I spoke with him, he was not sure if a rooted tablet could be returned to the unrooted state.. I will keep you up-dated on this page.

I just bought the htc Jetstream from at&t, and the sales person told me the following:

If at&t finds out that you are tethering a Jetstream on their $35/month plan, they will give you a warning to stop. If you don't stop, they will suspend your 4G plan.

For just $15 more($50 a month) you can have a legally tethered Jetstream, and have a 5GB data allowance. I personally would go with the legal tethered plan and have a guilt-free conscience.

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